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Biography of Celestin Tawamba, head of list GICAM in Action Act II

Célestin Tawamba is since June 2017 the President of the Groupement Inter-Patronal du Cameroun (GICAM), the main and most influential employers’ organization in Cameroon. He also presides over the destiny of the Union of Employers of Central Africa (UNIPACE) since May 2018.

Célestin Tawamba created and manages the important Cameroonian industrial group CADYST-INVEST which, as of December 31, 2018, had a global turnover of about Fcfa 100 billion and a total workforce of 1100 jobs.

The Group is composed of two main sectors: on the one hand, the food industry with the companies La Pasta S.A, Panzani Cameroun and SAE (Société Agroalimentaire Equatoriale) and, on the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry with the companies CINPHARM (Compagnie Industrielle Pharmaceutique) and SIPP (Société Industrielle de Produits Pharmaceutiques).

M. Célestin Tawamba is a graduate in finance from HEC Paris and the Paris Dauphine University.

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